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World American WA35124OPN 35SI Pad Mount Alternator With 12 Volt


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The Delco Remy 35SI™ 12V 140A Remanufactured Pad Mount Brushless Alternator ensures you are Ready for the Road Ahead™, specifically engineered for high-underhood-temperature EGR and ACERT* engines. In environments up to 221 °F (105 °C), heat dissipating radiant vents and thermally tolerant internal parts continue to establish high output. Equipped with optional Remote Sense technology, this heavy duty brushless alternator also uses a second wire that interprets actual voltage from the battery. Thus, this technology increases voltage output to ensure a constant 14 volts at the battery for the allowance of a stable start you know you can rely on. Thus, your battery is brought to a fully charged state in half the time. The heavy duty alternator features a brushless design with fewer moving parts and internal connections, resulting in consistently better performance, contamination prevention, and extended service life compared to traditional brush-type alternators. Gain the alternator designed to address high electrical output vehicle applications that provides less work to power your truck. FleetPride is your First Click in Heavy Duty®.


  • Remanufactured, not rebuilt
  • 140 amp with 70 amp at idle
  • 12 volt
  • Pad mount
  • Simplified installation, due to lighter weight
  • Decreases battery charge time by 50%
  • OE approved: Assures OE quality, reliability, and performance
  • Built with external fan
  • High output at low RPM: manages heavy electrical loads at low RPM preventing premature discharge
  • 2-year, 250,000 mile warranty


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